STILL CRUISIN’: The best way to travel–with friends

STILL CRUISIN’ is the product  of Diane Hughes’ many years of  travel experience and her passion to help others see the world.   Our agency has specialized in travel, especially for groups, for twenty years.  These are mostly affinity groups who have reason to travel together–whether by group affiliation, family, or special interests.

We enjoy putting together groups of seniors–and not so senior–who enjoy traveling and experiencing new adventures and new destinations.

Many of our clients are repeat customers.  In fact, they ask  what will be the trip for next year??

STILL CRUISIN’ has traveled to an amazing number of locations and has enjoyed an especially high rate of approval from these organized groups   There are few destinations not yet traveled.

Diane Hughes, President and Owner, has earned the CLIA Master Cruise Counselor designation, and the Princess Cruises Commodore status.  Other certifications include Disney,  Palace Resorts,  Sandals,  Cruise Baltic and Mexico Tourism specialist.



Shown below are photos of some of my pleased travelers who have sent pictures back.    L-R  Susan and Emily Cooper,  Benny and Judy Bright.