RIVER CRUISING  is a newer phenomena of travel, but has achieved a noted spot for itself.  Having done river cruises in Europe and also in China, I can heartily endorse the concept of a river cruise.  One must be knowledgeable about the company you are using.  There are many out there, and there are only a few I truly endorse.  With that, I would like to recommend Viking River Cruises, Emerald Waterways, and AMA Waterways.  These are all priced somewhat in the median of each other–give or take a few offers.  New offers are continually offered–2 for 1, Air free, $495 air to Europe; they are all in the competitive market.  But space available is another commodity.  Getting the cabin you want may be another story.  Yes, new boats are being built every year–but it is not getting cheaper.  The enticement of doing a riverboat cruise is also becoming well known.  Let me advice you to book early if there is a particular date and route that you want.  STILL CRUISIN’ would be glad to help.Rhine castle



First blog post

There were so many fascinating aspects of our trip to Peru.  Did this with a  group of 4 women friends who love to travel.  And, we did have an Adventure–from the Aztec culture, Machu Picchu, wonderful hospitality in Cuzco and the amazing city of Lima.  If you would like to do this, it is extremely affordable and exciting.  I would love to share with you my experiences and insight into this part of the world.